The World Celebrates Pac-Man's Birthday

(Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.)
Well, he certainly looks good for his age.

It's hard to believe that 35 years ago, we were first introduced to our yellow friend, Pac-Man, at our local video arcade and while for many us, that arcade is long gone, Pac-Man is still around and partying like crazy. He already has a starring role in the upcoming Adam Sadler movie, Pixels coming out to theaters on July 24, but people from around the world are celebrating the yellow one's life in a variety of ways including:

The Guiness World Record for largest human image of Pac-Man.
(Guinness World Records)
Tokyo: Yesterday, the largest human image of Pac-Man was created using 351 people donning yellow suits and standing outside of the Tokyo Tower in Minato, Tokyo Japan. The stunt was put on by Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan and won the Guinness World Record for such a thing. The image measured 10.50 m in diameter.
Chicago: Today, Professor Toru Iwatani, the creator of Pac-Man and Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. will be at Level 257™, a brand new dining and entertainment facility created by Namco USA Inc. for a 1980s-inspired event. Video gaming MVPs will be invited to play the 255th and 256th levels of the original game, enjoy birthday cake and be entertained by Jerry Buckner with a live performance of his 1982 hit(?) “Pac-Man Fever.” Tomorrow, guests will celebrate with celebrity discussion panels, photo opportunities, prizes and game play contests including an opportunity to playagainst the legendary gamer Billy Mitchell, the first person to ever achieve a “perfect score” on Pac-Man.

UK: Pac-Man will celebrate his birthday by being launched into space. His journey will be captured by a special GoPro camera unit and shared on his birthday.

Spain: Four of the country's biggest YouTube stars will face off on the game for the ultimate bragging rights. As they engage their followers to look on, both online and in person, there could be as many as 21 million watching the videogame competition.

Paris: At the French Open, Serena Williams, who has a cameo role in Pixels, is planning a special greeting for her co-star.

“It is hard to believe that 35 years has passed since we created Pac-Man,” says Professor Toru Iwatani. “It has been very exciting to see the world accept him as their own. Like any creator, I wanted to make something lasting, but this has surpassed everything I hoped for. I also feel very proud that Pac-Man is playing an important role in Pixels. The visual effects of the giant Pac-Man in New York will be extraordinary, and something that you’ve never seen on film before. My birthday wish is that Pac-Man can continue to make people happy.”

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