Survivor 30 Awards New Winner

Mike Holloway is the winner of Season 30 of "Survivor."
Winner of Survivor 30, Mike Holloway, and finalists Carolyn Rivera and
Will Simms II (CBS)
It what started out as a great idea, facing contestants categorized as "White Collars," "Blue Collars" and "No Collars," season 30 of Survivor sort of fizzled out near its ending. Be that as it may, Mike Holloway was labled the "sole Survivor" Wednesday night during the live reunion show. The runner ups were Carolyn Rivera and Will Simms II.

While the reunion didn't provide any earth-shattering insights to the season, there was a big surprise with the announcement of who made the list for Season 31, "Second Chances." The 20 contestants, (former contestants of the series) were announced and then were literally bused out to fly out to Cambodia to start filming immediately for the fall! Among those who left were Kelly Wiglesworth from the very first 2000 Survivor show and two contestants who just finished with this round: Joe Anglim and Shirin Oskooi.

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