Have No Fear, [insert your favorite superhero] is Here!

Superheroes are everywhere.
For younger readers, believe it or not, there was a time when movies based on comic books were a rarity. Instead of deciding which superhero flick you were going to see, you decided how many times you were going to see the one that came out that summer. That's another thing. Comic book movies usually only came out during the summer as they were not expected to do well other times of the year. Although summer is still the prime time for such projects, studios need not fear that they will not do well outside the season. Next year, at least nine movies are scheduled throughout the year.

In the past, comic book movies didn't have the cache that they have today. Stars who became synonymous with the hero that they played found that receiving new acting gigs outside the comic book realm was a challenge. For better or for worse, Adam West will forever be known as the “real” Batman and the 2006 movie Hollywoodland told about the real struggle actor George Reeves had trying to play anything other than Superman. Ironically, many years later, Christopher Reeve died too soon to see if he could shake off his Superman persona after playing the part for four movies.

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