‘Cinderella’ is an Improved Masterpiece

Review of 2015's "Cinderella."
Cinderella (Lily James) and the prince (Richard Madden) meet for the first time.
(Walt Disney Pictures)
Sometimes Disney outdoes Disney. When news broke that Walt Disney Pictures was going to make a live action version of one of their most popular animated movies, many were skeptical. The original is such a classic, how could it be improved? Or worse - what if it they failed miserably? Disney’s last attempt of re-inventing Sleeping Beauty with Maleficent was met with mixed reviews. They won’t be having that same problem with this one.

The 2015 Cinderella will exceed just about everyone expectations for the film. Yes, it’s that good.  Even those who are not fans of the original will find this one hard to like. All those questions you’ve had like “Why did Cinderella allow herself to be bullied like that? Why didn’t she leave? Did she really expect a prince to come a save her?” are answered.

There really isn’t anything new to the story. In fact, this version features a few items found in the original folklore stories that are not featured in the 1951 cartoon. However, the prince (Richard Madden) gets a lot more screen time this time around and we get to know his character a lot more. There is also a surprisingly sweet scene between him and his father (Derek Jacobi) giving him a lot more to his personality.

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