The Wonderful World of Emily's Oz

Scene from The Making of Emily's Ox (Xfinity)

During last night's broadcast of the Oscars, you may have missed an incredible commercial if you weren't paying attention. In promotion of Xfinity's new service for the blind community, they presented "Emily's Oz" about a little sight impaired girl who enjoys the great MCM "The Wizard of Oz" movie just like many other children. However, they wanted to show what she "sees" when she is experiencing the movie at home. A group of people went to tremendous work to create her vision for the movie by taking instruction from her. The end result is very different from what the rest of us have all seen. In her version, the tin man walks on two giant toes and wears a wig. The cowardly lion is very small and has webbed feet. The scarecrow is made out of wood, not straw. And Dorothy? She looks like Emily.

Below is the six minute documentary on the making of the commercial and below that, the actual commercial as seen last night. Enjoy.

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