'The Celebrity Apprentice' - Lesson Learned

The winner chosen for the 2015 "The Celebrity Apprentice."
Geraldo Rivera and Leeza Gibbons wait to hear their fate on The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)
For those of you who don't watch such things, you may not have heard that Donald Trump crowned the latest winner of The Celebrity Apprentice last night on NBC. Starting with over a donzen celebrity Type-A personalities, it all came down to news correspondents Geraldo Rivera and TV show host, Leeza Gibbons. And the winner was...Leeza Gibbons, proving that sometimes "nice guys" do finish first.

It really wasn't much of a surprise that the show ended with the these two powerhouse people. Both are very well-known and well-connected  with people of power who could give generously for each of their charities. But what was a bit of a surprise was the reason why Trump picked Gibbons over Geraldo. 

The two peronalities of the two couldn't be more different. Rivera's ego is almost the same size as Trump's. In just about every task that he was in, Geraldo made sure that somehow he was the center of it. Here are just a few of his antics:

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