New ‘Odd Couple’ won’t Last

Review of the new "Odd Couple" sitcom.
Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon) plays the ying to Oscar Madison’s (Matthew Perry) yang
 in “The Odd Couple.” 

Neil Simon’s original play, The Odd Couple is a comedy classic that no TV sitcom incarnation has given the story any justice. The 1970-1975 version with Tony Randall and Jack Klugman came the closest, but it pales in comparison to the wit of the original. In 1982, a new “black” version of the show dubbed, The New Odd Couple debuted for an extra short season. Apparently changing the race of the main characters didn’t make the show any funnier.

Last night, CBS ran the pilot episode of yet a “new” Odd Couple that starred Matthew Perry as Oscar Madison, the messy sports radio commentator who “works” from home in his boxers. Thomas Lennon plays the ying to Oscar’s yang, the extremely tidy Felix Unger. The new show makes a valiant try of recreating the comedy borrowing the same theme song from the first TV show and storyline from the original play. But in the end, it is another flawed production for a variety of reasons.

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