'Puzzle' is Well Made, but a Few Pieces are Missing

Based on the film Rompecabezas, Puzzle is one of those little-known independent films that sneaks into theaters with little to no fanfare, although the fact that it is being promoted “from the producer of Little Miss Sunshine” should help it get noticed somewhat. Puzzle is a quiet, little film about a woman who discovers that jigsaw puzzles are the key to changing her life. While the subject matter doesn’t sound all that exciting, the film really isn’t about puzzles but instead about one finding their voice, or so it appears. It’s also a message film that has its own agenda expecting the audience to agree with the choices of the main character and applaud her “brave” behavior. Frankly, it just feels manipulative.

Directed by Marc Turtletaub, Puzzle’s most impactful scene comes within the first few minutes. We see Agnes (Kelly MacDonald) cleaning up the house and they decorating it for a birthday party. Then we see her serving appetizers while being ignored by the guests. …

Trade in Your (Fifty) Shades for Free

Maybe you have never read it, but you probably know someone who has. E.L. James’ alternative love story, Fifty Shades of Grey, has been a huge bestseller to the Christian and secular audience alike. While many men don’t get the appeal, women do and the results can be pretty controversial. Is the book “okay” to read or should women shy away from it? Psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery and sexuality educator Dannah Gresh are suggesting the latter. In fact, the two Christian authors are offering their new book for free to anyone who mails their copy of Fifty Shades to them.

Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman’s Heart was published by Moody in 2013, but with the new Fifty Shades movie coming to theaters in the coming weeks, interest in the book has resurged. From February 1-14, anyone who mails in their own copy of Fifty Shades (no questions asked) will receive a free return copy of their book.

“Why women would pick up [Fifty Shades of Grey] as any sort of substitute for intimacy or any sort of model for a reasonable relationship, I find just sort of disturbing,” said relationship expert Dr. Drew Pinsky in an 2012 interview. “As a clinician, the idea that women look at this relationship as anything other than absolute, categorical, profound pathology is more than I can imagine.”

Psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery and sexuality educator
Dannah Gresh (Moody)
“Erotica exploits women’s longings rather than satisfies them and to the growing number of wounded women, we offer first aid,” Gresh says. Slattery adds, “God designed us with legitimate longings and he has a plan to satisfy them,” Slattery says. “We can know our intimate needs and hopes, and the richest ways to fulfill them.”

In their book, both authors address women’s five core longings in the book including to be:
1) Cherished by a man
2) Protected by a strong man
3) Rescue a man
4) Sexually alive
5) Escape reality

The book is said to address these issues with “refreshing candor” and without a shaming message to all women regardless of age or marital status. To take advantage of this offer, visit PullingBackTheShades.com where you can also read the first chapter.


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