The Meg is Closer to ‘Jaws’ Than ‘Sharknado’

MOVIE REVIEW When Steven Spielberg’s Jaws opened in theaters in 1975, it took the world by storm. Not only was the movie hugely popular as it was genuinely scary, it actually affected society in a strange way. Audiences began to have an irrational fear of sharks even when swimming at a lake. When Jaws 2 came to theaters three years later, everyone knew the catchphrase, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…” Since then, it’s been hard for movie studios to be able to drum up the same excitement with their own Jaws knock-offs. Shark movies became a joke. Even Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge were met with disdain (and with good reason). But sharks are still a popular subject, just not one that we take very seriously anymore.
This brings us to next big shark movie, The Meg which judging from the trailers alone, looks like another campy knock-off movie and while it indeed is campy, it isn’t as much as you would think. When comparing movies, The Meg is closer to Jaws tha…

Fifty Alternatives to Fifty Shade of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey (Focus Features)
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey (Focus Features)

If Fifty Shades isn’t your thing, you’ll be glad to know that you do have some alternatives. One is actually going head to head with Fifty Shades on Valentines Day, but appears to have a theme that is polar opposite. In fact, the latest preview for Old Fashioned actually pokes fun of the darker film.

Old Fashioned (Skoche Films)
Rik Swartzwelder and Elizabeth Roberts in Old Fashioned (Skoche Films)
“This Valentine’s Day,” says the trailer, “leave the door open to two souls who take the time to discover not manipulation but healing.” “Sexy corporate mogul” appears onscreen and a red line strikes through the words. Scenes then contrast the opposing stories: fantasy wealth and a contract to inflict pain  . . . or two down-to-earth, relatable people with failed romances, now finding their way to real love.

Christian Mingle: The Movie (Home Theater Films)
Jonathan Patrick Moore and Lacey Chabert in Christian Mingle: The Movie
(Home Theater Films)
The indie film, which has already won a few awards, focuses on a former frat boy who now runs an antique shop in a small midwestern town. A young woman rents the apartment above his shop. He is ultra conservative; she is much more of a free spirit. Both have been hurt from past relationships but somewhere they meet in the middle. It stars Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Rik Swartzwelder and Dorothy Silver.


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