Shyamalan's 'Glass' is Engaging Almost Until the End

I don’t think anyone will deny that M. Night Shyamalan is a great storyteller. He initially proved that with the release of The Sixth Sense. The symbolism of the color red, the odd scenes that made very little sense until the end of the movie and of course, the amazing twist that nobody saw coming. That incredible twist has almost been the director’s undoing. Since 1999, not one of his other movie’s endings have had the same impact, but he continues to try.

In 2000, Mr. Shyamalan hoped that lightening would strike twice with Unbreakable which also starred Bruce Willis. Like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable was a mystery only this time, the story featured the lone survivor of a train crash who left the accident without a scratch on him and an incredibly fragile, wheelchair-bound, comic book enthusiast which appeared to be the polar opposite. The story was intriguing, but basically fell apart near the end when the twist was revealed. Now almost 19 years later, the same thing ha…

Battaglia Pens ‘The Politically Incorrect Jesus’

The Politically Incorrect Jesus
Broadstreet Publishing
“Jesus was hardly opened-minded about the truth,” says Joe Battaglia, author of The Politically Incorrect Jesus.” “He calls believers to be salt and light—not chameleons.” This of course is a very true statement, but when it comes to sharing the truth of the Bible, some Christians tend to under-season the truth while others tend to use a strobe light instead of a warm glow, so it will be interesting to read exactly what Battaglia thinks when his book hits store shelves next week.

“Political correctness is intellectual suicide,” says Battalia, who shares his point of view in 24 essays. A former journalist, Battalia is Founder and President of Renaissance Communications, a company that has become heavily involved in promotion of such movies as The Passion, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Soul Surfer, Heaven is for Real and others. He is also Executive Producer and General Manager of the syndicated radio program, “Keep the Faith” and is very active in the Christian music industry.

Over the years he has seen Christians, in the name of sensitivity or tolerance, are becoming a more self-censoring group. “American censorship is societal—an unwritten list of ‘you-can’t-say-that,’” says Battalia. “Embrace who God Almighty designed you to be – men and women of counter-culture faith making a difference in a counterfeit world.”

Broadstreet Publishing, the publisher of The Politically Incorrect Jesus, says that despite all of the changes in our world, the person of Jesus remains a controversial figure. “He’s admired and ridiculed, revered and rejected, dismissed and embraced. Simply, much of what Jesus taught and stood for clearly clashes with politically correct thinking, which often asks followers of Christ to commit intellectual suicide by pretending that what they believe is not real or true. And at times, the church itself has its own version of politically correct thinking which needs to be addressed as well.”

Of all the topics covered in the book, the one that stands out the most to is “how did Jesus deliver a politically incorrect message with love?” While it is true that some Christians would rather ignore difficult topics, others choose to say what they want to say and how they want to say it – but without a hint of love. Battalia includes a large does of information on how Christians should respond when they feel that their faith is being assaulted.

The book is also getting the attention of other respected Christians like singer/songwriter Michael W. Smith who describes the book as a “common sense approach to how a person of faith can stand up to the current issues in culture that would divide us.” Dr. Larry W. Poland, Chairman of Mastermedia International calls the book, “a game changer.”

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