YouTube Duo Pen New Comedy Book

Tripp & Tyler release new book.
You may not know Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton by name, but chances are you have seen one or more of their many comedy videos posted on YouTube. Better known as Tripp & Tyler, the two have worked together and separately on various projects since 2006. Much of their work can be seen on YouTube where the comedy sketches and parodies have over 23 million views and the pair have over 65,000 subscribers. When they are not creating stull online, they are performing it around their home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Today, an announcement was sent regarding their new book, Stuff You Should Know About Stuff.  “It's here. The book we've spent over two years writing, editing, tweaking, massaging, illustrating and debating over is now LIVE! This whole time we've planned on November 4th as the release date, but it looks like Amazon had other plans.”

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