‘Believe Me’ Opens New T-Shirt Line

If you’ve seen the faith-based movie, Believe Me, then you are well aware of the fictional clothing line, Cross Dressing featured therein. In the movie, some non-believing swindlers find a way to coax money away from Christians by studying just how gullible many of us really are. They discover that Christians don’t like to say “cuss words” but they love to cuss. All one has to do to get away with bad language is to shorten the offending word down to its first letter. This is a funny bit to the movie, but also a sobering one. While we Christians should be a light unto a dark world, some tend to think that standing out is close enough.

Believe Me features four different t-shirts that Christians immediately grab up so that they can feel good about themselves witnessing to others without saying a word. The shirts featured here are supposed to outlandish examples of what not to wear, but unfortunately, they are very similar to many shirts that are already available to Christians. The makers of the film say, “These tees are a hilarious way to strike up a conversation about your beliefs. Pick one up today from the official Cross Dressing website.”

My fear? That many will do just that and that many others will not get the joke. What do you think? Are t-shirts that mock Christian t-shirts helping or hurting the cause? 

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