The Story Behind the Story of 'Frozen'

TV special about the making of "Frozen" airs on ABC on September 2nd at 8:00 p.m.

Tonight, Tuesday September 2, ABC will broadcast the special, “The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney a Disney Animated Classic” hosted by Olaf, the Snowman. Well, almost. It’s actually hosted by Josh Gad who is the voice of Olaf.

The ABC special will present behind-the-scenes on the making of the movie, interviews with Kristen Bell (Anna), Idina Menzel (Elsa), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff),  Josh Gad (Olaf) as well as John Lasseter and the Frozen filmmaking team, footage of the crew’s research trips to Norway and Quebec and a look inside Walt Disney Animation Studios on just how the film was made.

The award-winning Frozen has become a phenomenom and has become the biggest animated feature of all time. This special will focus on many aspects of the feature including the difficulties the picture went through before any animation had been done. As with other fairytales, Hans Christian Andersen’s original “The Snow Queen” story was a bit darker than Disney would have liked and for that, changes needed to be made.

This should all make for a great special, but this being Disney, the company is also using the special as a way to promote the next season of ABC’s Once Upon a Time TV show which features a Frozen storyline this year and a preview of the company’s next “action-packed comedy adventure” Big Hero 6. The special begins at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

For a preview of the special, click here.
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