NBC’s ‘Laura” has potential but lacks heart

Review of NBC's "The Mysteries of Laura.
(L-R) Laz Alonso as Billy Soto, Debra Messing as Laura Diamond,
 Vincent Reina as Harrison Diamond, Josh Lucas as Jake Broderick, 
Charlie Reina as Nicholas Diamond, Janina Gavankar as Meredith Bose
(Photo by: Patrick Randak/NBC)
NBC must be nervous about the new comedy, The Mysteries of Laura since they have already aired the pilot episode two times last week. Tonight, the episode will air a third time in hopes that it will be everyone’s new favorite show. This could happen, but it might take a few weeks as the premiere is bogged down with too many storylines. However, by the end of the show, viewers get a better idea of who Laura is and what she is going through.

Laura Diamond (Debra Messing) has a life that is spinning out of control. She is separated from her husband; her children manage to get themselves kicked out of school and her day job as a NYPD homicide detective is pretty consuming. This premise is pretty fun and Laura is fairly likeable, but the rest of the cast is not – at least not yet.

For one, Laura’s two boys are brats. Not just mischievous little boys, but brats. Laura is overwhelmed by them but hardly even scolds the boys. When a woman at the park tells her that her sons are urinating on each other, she is embarrassed, but doesn’t say a word to the two. Every parent watching the show will have a few words of wisdom that they will want to share with her. 

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