Could ‘Madam Secretary’ be the next ‘Good Wife’?

Review of the TV show, "Madam Secretary."
TV dramas that feature strong female leads continue to be popular this fall. First up is MadamSecretary where CBS is hoping to strike lightning twice having the new show be the lead in the award-winning The Good Wife. As with many other pilots, the producers crammed a lot into the first episode in an attempt to introduce us every character. The end result is an un-even performance with good potential to improve.

Téa Leoni, known more for her comedy work rather than drama, plays the Elizabeth McCord, the former college professor and CIA analyst who becomes the Secretary of State when her predecessor dies suspiciously. Leoni is fairly stiff in the role, but she does get to say a few zingers here and there. McCord is married to the seemingly perfect Henry (Tim Daly), a religion professor. The pair has two teenagers, Alison (Kathrine Herzer) who is obviously hiding something and Jason (Evan row). The family has amazingly made the difficult adjustment to a new life and neighborhood with very little problems. Everyone is super cheery and Leoni and Daly do have a good rapport, but it doesn’t seem real. 

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