Black-ish is a Welcome Addition to Family Comedies

Review of "Black-ish"
Raindow (Tracee Ellis Ross), walks in on Andre's (Anthony
Anderson) tribal ritual with his son Andre Jr on 
Black-ish. (ABC)
Andre Johnson (Anthony Anderson) is a proud man. A proud black man. A proud black man who doesn’t want his success to be defined by the color of his skin. But he doesn’t want his skin tone to be ignored either. He is a very successful business man with a great family. He is proud of his success but at times is afraid that he has ignored his heritage. He wants to honor his family's past, while also embracing its future. He fears that this great melting pot that we call America is beginning to turn his black family into a “black-ish” family

Andre’s children don’t understand that that Barack Obama is the first black president. His son wants to have a bar mitzvah, change his name from Andre Jr. to Andy and play field hockey. His daughter Zoey has a sense of entitlement and 100,000 Instagram followers. What’s a dad to do?

His bi-racial wife, Raindow (Tracee Ellis Ross), doesn’t see what the problem is. She is thrilled that their children are “colorblind” and healthy, but she understands that her children have more than she ever had when she was a child as well. “Pops” (Laurence Fishburne) is no help. He tries to stay far away from family conflict as possible.

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