'Puzzle' is Well Made, but a Few Pieces are Missing

Based on the film Rompecabezas, Puzzle is one of those little-known independent films that sneaks into theaters with little to no fanfare, although the fact that it is being promoted “from the producer of Little Miss Sunshine” should help it get noticed somewhat. Puzzle is a quiet, little film about a woman who discovers that jigsaw puzzles are the key to changing her life. While the subject matter doesn’t sound all that exciting, the film really isn’t about puzzles but instead about one finding their voice, or so it appears. It’s also a message film that has its own agenda expecting the audience to agree with the choices of the main character and applaud her “brave” behavior. Frankly, it just feels manipulative.

Directed by Marc Turtletaub, Puzzle’s most impactful scene comes within the first few minutes. We see Agnes (Kelly MacDonald) cleaning up the house and they decorating it for a birthday party. Then we see her serving appetizers while being ignored by the guests. …

Summer TV (Part 3)

Now that Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, has passed, the networks are offering a slew of new shows for better or worse. Many of these are returning shows, some are new shows getting a short try out and some we will never see again. One of TV’s most popular shows, Dancing with the Stars, began as a six week trial during the summer of 2005, so you never know what you’re going to get. Still, some of these sound a bit “out there.”

Some of the new summer shows have already started, but most offer “encore” performances or episodes can be found online or through your cable service. Due to the size of show offerings, this story has been broken up into three segments and broken up into “Optimistic Choices” and “Pessimistic Choices.” Here is part three:

Optimistic Choices:
Unforgetable (CBS)
Status: Returning Show
Network: CBS
Debuts: June 29, 10:00 p.m.
Premise: Unforgettable’s third season continues with NYPD detective, Carrie Wells, who cannot forget anything. Ever. Together with her former boyfriend, detective Al Burns, the two solve murder cases in Queens. The show stars Poppy Montgomery, Dallas Roberts, Dylan Walsh and Jane Curtain.

Pessimistic Choices:
It Takes a Church (GSN)
It Takes a Church
Status: New Show
Network: GSN (Game Show Network)
Debuts: June 5, 9 p.m.
Premise: First there was The Bachelor, then The Bachelorette and now comes a Christian dating show, It Takes a Church. This one is a head scratcher. In partnership with the Christian dating service, ChristianMingle, one unsuspecting single will be surprised each week to find that their own church and pastor have set them up on a course to find true love. It will be hosted by Christian singer, Natalie Grant.


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