Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins

According to, “The Seven Deadly Sins in Christian belief are a list of seven rebellious tendencies that afflict fallen and sinful humanity, so classified by traditional orthodox Christianity, especially the Catholic Church. The Seven Deadly Sins have been used to summarize the condition of fallen humanity for the purposes of education and edification; in other words, they teach people about what displeases God and by avoiding them it enhances the believer's efforts to live as a Christian.”
These sins are frequently used as a toolbox for screenwriters as what better way to illustrate the sins than by using the animated characters drawn from Walt Disney Studios? Walt Disney always had a knack for creating truly vile villains and the studio’s current animation department continues this tradition.

ENVY: A jealousy in wanting to have something that someone else has.
EXAMPLES: The Evil Queen and Maleficent

You don’t need a magic mirror to explain that the Evil Queen featured in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has an issue with her step daughter. She is a beautiful woman, but sulks that she isn’t as beautiful as Snow. The mono-toned reflective wall fixture doesn’t help things any by going on and on about Snow White’s beauty and her being the fairest in the land. Blah, blah, blah.

Maleficent, the evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty and in the new live action movie named after herself, is pretty much ticked off for not being invited to the party – the christening of Princess Aurora. According to the 1959 film, she is willing to let that slide, but what really gets her goat is when she is told that she is unwanted. Is she unliked because she is green or is she green because she is envious?


GREED: A selfish and excessive desire for more of something than is needed.
EXAMPLES: Kuzco, Yzma and Prince John

 Although it has the worst title of all Disney animated films, The Emperor's New Groove just might be the funniest. Kuzco is the young, spoiled brat and emperor of the Incan empire. He has everything that a teenager would want and yet, he wants more. He has no trouble announcing to a small group of villagers that they will need to uproot and leave their property as he is taking it over as a summer vacation spot. Fortunately, he learns from his selfish behavior. Yzma on the other hand, Kuzco’s royal advisor has plenty of freedom, but hungers for more. Unfortunately for her, she gets turned into a squirrel.

In Robin Hood, Prince John is “filling in” for his brother Richard the king but instead sits around and counts money that doesn’t belong to him. It is so much fun it is to tax villagers until they have nothing left.

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