The Best of Writer of Pop?

I have been writing stories for Writer of Pop for about two and a half years now and I thought it might be fun to see which, at this point, are the five most popular articles. This really isn’t to say that these five are the “best” I’ve ever written, but they are the most popular. You never really know what is going to resonate with people.

#1 ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ film Still Resonates
By far, this review of the Will Smith movie is the most popular story on the site. The odd thing is, it was posted six years after the film came out in theaters. I had a project where I needed to do a review of the film for a client, and decided to write a separate one for the site on a whim!

#2 TV’s Top Best Moms and 5 Lousy Ones Quiz
In 2012, I thought it might be fun to do a tribute to TV moms for Mother’s Day. For a twist, I made it a quiz. At first, the story didn’t get a lot a views, but it has really grown since the first posting. I may have to do a Father's Day one this year.

#3 Interview with a Machine Gun Preacher and Writer for Stars
In 2011, I had the chance to meet the “Machine Gun Preacher,” Sam Childers and screenwriter Jason Keller. It was a very interesting interview.

In this story, I broke down the basic church congregation into seven groups each represented by a character on the Gilligan’s Island TV show. Who knew it would become so popular? It recently had a resurgence on the site when new broke out that Russell Johnson, the actor who played the Professor, had died earlier this year.

Originally posted two years ago, I updated the list last December. Kind of amazing how popular culture shapes your childhood memories.

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