Like Hollywood Game Night? Now You Can Own It.

Now you play Hollywood Game Night
in your own home.

In what seemed like sort of a gamble for NBC last summer has paid off for the peacock channel. HollywoodGame Night, now in its’ second season, brings back the classic celebrity game show in a whole new format. Hosted by Jane Lynch, Hollywood Game Night takes place in her imaginary living room complete with a live band. Teams of four sit across from each other on couches. One member of each team is considered a “civilian” (your every-day average Joe) while the other three are made up of Hollywood stars. Each team works together in a variety of short party games, similar to what you can do in your own home.

NBC has just announced that a home version of the Hollywood Game Night has actually begun to hit Walmart store shelves today as well as the NBC online store. Later, distribution of the game will be enlarged to other retailers as well. Cardinal Industries, a leading game developer, has created a card game based on the hit show.

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