Shyamalan's 'Glass' is Engaging Almost Until the End

I don’t think anyone will deny that M. Night Shyamalan is a great storyteller. He initially proved that with the release of The Sixth Sense. The symbolism of the color red, the odd scenes that made very little sense until the end of the movie and of course, the amazing twist that nobody saw coming. That incredible twist has almost been the director’s undoing. Since 1999, not one of his other movie’s endings have had the same impact, but he continues to try.

In 2000, Mr. Shyamalan hoped that lightening would strike twice with Unbreakable which also starred Bruce Willis. Like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable was a mystery only this time, the story featured the lone survivor of a train crash who left the accident without a scratch on him and an incredibly fragile, wheelchair-bound, comic book enthusiast which appeared to be the polar opposite. The story was intriguing, but basically fell apart near the end when the twist was revealed. Now almost 19 years later, the same thing ha…

The Fearless Life

The Fearless Life by Jentezen Franklin
Charisma House
Book Review: The Fearless Life: Live Worry-Free No Matter What Happens

You wouldn’t think Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Ga., and Irvine, Calif., would struggle with fear. But the truth is, he’s just like the rest of us. And in his latest book, Franklin writes about his own wrestling with fears of failure, others’ opinions, financial problems, family issues, health problems and more.

While the notion that one can live a fearless life may seem too simple, Franklin explains that fearlessness is not the absence of fear, but rather walking boldly despite fear.
He begins by sharing from the “scary” times in his own life, including his first instance of public speaking, which is a huge phobia for many. He explains he could have played it safe and refused the speaking engagement but says he’s glad he didn’t. Overcoming that scary moment helped push him toward greater opportunities. Franklin is open about his personal faults in this book and shares many situations he and his family have faced.

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