Amy Grant to Appear on 'Katie' this Wednesday

Amy Grant will appear on "Katie" tomorrow.
After years of being basically quiet, Amy Grant has had a busy year promoting her recent release, “How Mercy Looks from Here” through radio stations stops, concerts and TV interviews. However, the year’s not over and she’s not done!

Tomorrow, November 27, the six-time GRAMMY® Winner will appear on the Katie Couric talk show to talk about holiday plans and to perform her classic Christmas tune, “Tennessee Christmas.” One of the topics of discussion will be about Grant’s blended family since marrying Vince Gill 13 years ago. Taped earlier, Katie asked how difficult it was to be an instant blended family. “I laugh about our wedding day because all of our photographs…I refer to them as my grim-faced children,” says Grant. “Vince and I were the only excited ones.” One thing about Grant – what you see is what you get. She doesn’t have time to pretend to be someone that she isn’t. She has an imperfect life just like you and me. However, she did continue to give the state of her family: “It feels like we are all welcome.”

Next month, Grant and Gill will be performing at select engagements for some Christmas concerts in Atlanta, Cincinnati and Nashville. Each performance will have a local flair as the duo will be performing with the skilled symphonies of each of the cities. (Click here to see the schedule.)

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