10 Underappreciated Comedies

"What's Up Doc" is one the most underappreciated comedy movies of all time.
Barabra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal in "What's Up Doc?"
1972 Warner Bros.

What makes a great comedy is character. If you have great character, you can have a great movie. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this and many great films have been overlooked over the years. Here are 10 of the best with great ensemble casting and good storytelling as well. Most are pretty squeaky clean too.

"What’s Up Doc?"

It’s a story about an accidental mix up of identical plaid suitcases at a San Francisco hotel. One is filled with rocks, one with jewels, one with important documents and one with normal everyday toiletries. Ryan O’Neal plays Howard Bannister who studies music from rocks. He is joined by his nightmare of a fianacee, Eunice Burns, played by Madeline Kahn. Barbara Streisand is Judy Maxwell, a free spirit who causes trouble wherever she goes. The story starts out slow as bags begin to switch hands unexpectedly and builds to one of the best car chases in the movies.

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