Scaring the Hell Out of People: Hell Houses

Poster for the 2001 "Hell House" documentary


Is it ever “okay” for Christians to “scare the hell” out of non-believers?

“Shake your city with the most ‘in-your-face, high-flyin', no denyin', death-defyin', Satan-be-cryin', keep-ya-from-fryin', theatrical stylin', no holds barred, cutting-edge’ evangelism tool of the new millennium!”

That’s the greeting you get when visiting the Hell House outreach page of the New Destiny Christian Center’s website. For 17 years now, New Destiny, an Assemblies of God church located in Thornton, Colorado, has been producing its own “hell house.” In addition, they have been providing outreach kits to hundreds of other churches and ministries across the country and 18 foreign countries so that they too can produce these walk-through thrill adventures. To date, over 1,000 kits have been sold.
“The method is timely! The message is timeless! Desperate times call for drastic measures!” says Senior Pastor Keenan Roberts, “If your church or ministry is determined to take a stand against sin and the kingdom of darkness and to reach people for Jesus like never before, then this outreach is for you! Get prayed up and powered up and be prepared for the ride of your ministry life!"

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