Cheat Sheet: Christian Music's Stars Producers



I guess it makes sense that most of the attention in the music world is showered on the artists, the larger-than-life personalities (and talents) who are comfortable stepping out front and shining under those bright spotlights. But our favorite albums probably wouldn’t be our favorites without the contributions of the producers who helped shape them. It could be argued that these behind-the-scenes types are the true talent — or at the very least, they’re responsible for adding the polish to the stars, allowing them to shine brighter.

Music production is big business in Nashville, with hundreds of recording studios in the area. Despite all the talent in the region, there are a relatively small number of producers behind a majority of the bigger Christian releases. So maybe it’s time you became acquainted with the pros behind the music. Many of them are also successful songwriters. Several of them play a wide variety of instruments. And a few of them even do double duty as performers in their own right. Some of these names may not be familiar to you, but they certainly should be.

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