Too Soon for Christmas Music? Brandon Heath Doesn’t Think So

Photo: Provident Label Group


Before the plastic pumpkins will be pulled off the shelves in your local department store, chances are that new Christmas albums will already be placed, including Brandon Heath’s first ever, Christmas is Here.

Said to be rich in musical diversity, Christmas Is Here will take you on a nostalgic journey through the most anticipated time of the year. “I want people to just hear a song and slip back into the past,” Heath says in a recent press release. “Good Christmas music is really about sparking people’s memories.”

Apparently, Heath has dreamed of creating a Christmas album for a long time and invited some friends to join him in the studio to make the process memorable. Those friends include Sonja Isaacs, Ellie Holcomb, Matt Wertz and Ben Shive. Together, they had to pretend really hard as the recording sessions were down in the middle of July. To add to the nostalgia, 500 copies of the album will be available on old school vinyl (Mr. Heath’s preferred method of listening to holiday music) and sold exclusively through

Drawing from ghosts of Christmas albums past like Nat King Cole, Patty Loveless, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and even Harry Connick, Jr., Heath wanted to craft something timeless that fans will want to pull out and listen to year after year. The album features seven classics and three new originals and each will have its own “sound” from big band to a cappella to bluegrass. A little something for everyone.

Two of the three new cuts reveal Heath’s witty personality: “The Day After Thanksgiving” pokes fun at the Christmas commercialism that sets in at the end of summer, leading most to completely overlook fall, one of Heath’s favorite times of year. “Momma Wouldn’t Lie to Me” is equally as lighthearted, with Heath putting his parents on the spot for the truth about Santa, mirroring a real-life conversation from his childhood. “Rest assured; no child-like beliefs will be harmed due to the listening of the song. No spoilers!” Heath proclaims. 

For the third, Heath highlights a lesser known character in the Christmas story on “Just A Girl”—the innkeeper who turned Mary and Joseph away. “I took a little creative license to tell what happened,” he explains. Through the innkeeper’s eyes, Mary is seen as an ordinary girl, but Heath notes the irony of the scene. “There’s a story [about] when a non-believer asked a Catholic, ‘Why is Mary so crucial to the Christmas story?’ And the Catholic says, ‘She’s just a girl who said yes.’ I think that says a lot for us,” Heath offers. “God is often giving us opportunities we don’t realize the significance of, but we just need to say yes. God can do things though ordinary people. Mary was just a girl, but she was also a catalyst in a huge event in the rest of history.”

Christmas is Here can be found in local stores on October 15, 2013.

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