The Meg is Closer to ‘Jaws’ Than ‘Sharknado’

MOVIE REVIEW When Steven Spielberg’s Jaws opened in theaters in 1975, it took the world by storm. Not only was the movie hugely popular as it was genuinely scary, it actually affected society in a strange way. Audiences began to have an irrational fear of sharks even when swimming at a lake. When Jaws 2 came to theaters three years later, everyone knew the catchphrase, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…” Since then, it’s been hard for movie studios to be able to drum up the same excitement with their own Jaws knock-offs. Shark movies became a joke. Even Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge were met with disdain (and with good reason). But sharks are still a popular subject, just not one that we take very seriously anymore.
This brings us to next big shark movie, The Meg which judging from the trailers alone, looks like another campy knock-off movie and while it indeed is campy, it isn’t as much as you would think. When comparing movies, The Meg is closer to Jaws tha…

'Survivor' Begins 27th Season with a Twist

The cast of "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" Photo: CBS
CBS’s “Survivor” has begun its 27th season, or in the words of my son, “Is that show still on?” He question is reasonable given the amazing shelf life this show has had over the years. Each season, someone claims that it will be the last one, and then it pops up again.

"Survivor" Host: Jeff Probst
However, this season, the show is doing something they have never done before. This season is called “Blood vs. Water” which is a play on words for the phrase, “blood is thicker than water” which is a phrase meaning that our allegiance to our family members is stronger than to our friends. Usually.

In last night’s premier episode, the show paired up former players with one loved one who have never played the game before. However, it wasn’t until they landed on the island that they found out that each pair would be split apart with the former players on one team and the loved ones on the other. Also, in true “Survivor” fashion, only one can win, so in a sense, the game will be played out just like any other season. It will be interesting though to see how well each contestant does without the help of their loved one.

If you missed last night’s episode, you can catch it on CBS’ website, but you haven’t missed much. Redemption Island is back this year and one member from each tribe was sent there last night followed by a third sent after the first tribal council. Next week, one of those on Redemption Island will be sent packing.

This season's cast is as follows:

Former Castaway: Aras Baskauskas (31)
Previous Season: Panama-Exile Island, winner
Loved One: Vytas Baskauskas (33)
Relationship: Brothers

Former Castaway: Tyson Apostol (34)
Previous Seasons: Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains
Loved One: Rachel Foulger (33)
Relationship: Dating

Former Castaway: Rupert Boneham (49)
Previous Seasons: Pearl Island, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villians
Loved One: Laura Boneham (44)
Relationship: Married

Former Castaway: Candice Cody (30)
Previous Seasons: Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villians
Loved One: John Cody (30)
Relationship: Married

Former Castaway: Monica Culpepper (42)
Previous Season: One World
Loved One: Brad Culpepper (44)
Relationship: Married

Former Castaway: Colton Cumbie (22)
Previous Season: One World
Loved One: Caleb Bankston (26)
Relationship: Engaged

Former Castaway: Kat Edorsson (23)
Previous Season: One World
Loved One: Hayden Moss (26)
Relationship: Dating

Former Castaway: Laura Morett (43)
Previous Season: Samoa
Loved One: Ciera Eastin (24)
Relationship: Mother and Daughter

Former Castaway: Gevase Peterson (43)
Previous Season: Borneo
Loved One: Marissa Peterson (21)
Relationship: Uncle and Niece

Former Castwasy: Tina Wesson (52)
Previous Seasons: Australia, All Stars
Loved One: Katie Collins (25)
Relationship: Mother and Daughter

"Survivor" airs on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. It is one of those shows that people get divided on. So, what is your take? Are you a lover or hater of the show and why?


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