NBC’s ‘Million Second Quiz’ Experiment Ends on an Underwhelming Note

Ryan Seacrest congratulates Andrew Kravis, winner of 
NBC's live groundbreaking interactive game show
 "The Million Second Quiz." Photo: NBC
First the good news: Andrew Kravis became the show’s first winner on Thursday. He won a total of $2.6 million -  highest grand prize in game show history.

The bad news: He may be the show’s only winner.

“The Million Second Quiz” apparently bit off more than it could chew in trying to match the success of the original version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” Running for almost a dozen consecutive nights, NBC used the game show to promote the network’s fall schedule in hopes of giving the network a much-needed shot in the arm.

The show had a good start with 6.5 million viewers, but declined to a low of 2.9 million last Saturday. Despite all the hype, “Quiz” just didn’t resonate enough with viewers. The contest actually ran for 24 hours a day, but only aired one hour on television.

Unlike “Millionaire,” this show’s concept was complicated and frankly, rather dull. Even the likeable Ryan Seacrest couldn’t continue to hold attention. All of this doesn’t take away Kravis’ achievement this week. Kravis defeated Brandon Saunders in the final trivia round to take home first place. Kravis, 25 years old and from Farmington Hills, Mich., is a recent Columbia University Law School graduate who is about to begin his career as an attorney. He joined Winners' Row on Sept. 9 and spent more than 250 hours there.

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