It’s Not a Dream: Never-Ending Supply of Legos

Photo: Pleygo


Kids don’t appreciate Legos today. Oh, they love playing with them, that is for sure, but they don’t appreciate what they’ve got. Back in my day, the bricks were primarily in red and white with only a few yellow, blue and black pieces thrown in the mix. Green was used exclusively for base plates. There were no figurines, no kits – just bricks to use your imagination. And we were happy.

Today, Lego is an incredible phenomenon. Lego has their own stores, their own theme parks, their own line of video games, TV shows and even a full length movie is in the works. You’ll never see that kind of attention from Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs.

Now, here is a new wrinkle that will give you one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” moments: Pleygo. Pleygo is a service that works just like Netflix does for movies. Basically, the company sends you legos to play with for as long as you want and when you want a news set, you just send it back to them for an exchange. Crazy. Read more>

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