Hillsong United's ‘Zion’ Album Proves Worship Music Is Anything But Boring

Photo: Believe.com


As time has proven, Hillsong United is not your typical worship band and their latest project only proves it all the more.

Zion, the followup album to the group’s 2011 Aftermath, has a unique sound that is all its own. For those who think worship music is boring, this album is for you.

While the album isn’t fast-paced, the electronic, almost dub-step tinged music is creative and inventive. It’s definitely not your daddy’s worship music from decades ago.

Even the band’s website’s approach of introducing the members is totally unheard of. Each musician is featured splattered with paint. This is something you might find on a secular album, but a worship album? It seems to fit the theme of Zion. Read more>     Buy it now>

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