The Spoken Word Challenge has Begun

How would you like to get paid $200 for 90 seconds of work? Hip Hop artist, Propaganda wants you to try out your copywriting skills for the Spoken Word Challenge, (a contest supported by giving it your all for 90 seconds. Here is how it works:

I Am Second features short films of celebrities and people from all walks of life sharing their struggles and how they overcame them with the help of Jesus, His Word and His people. In anticipation for the release of Propaganda’s film launch on June 18, I am Second released the following challenge.

“The Spoken Word Challenge is about defining your identity and presenting it in an artistic way,” states the creator’s website. “Our identity is created by our story. What makes you, you? What influences you? Define yourself beyond what culture says you are.”

Create your own 90 second video of your own spoken word poetry explaining “identity.” The five videos to receive the most views on Youtube will qualify as finalists. The hip hop giant will pick a winner from the five and the winning announcement will be presented on June 21.

What does the winner get for all their hard work? $200 plus other prizes from Humble Beast Records, Acrylick and I am Second – altogether over $300 in prizes.

All submissions MUST include within the video a visual of "". Other than that, there are no restrictions, except for the obvious no nudity or profanity. To enter, send a link to your downloadable video to by June 18, 2013 at midnight.

Click here for full details. Can’t wait to see what comes out!

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