Still Dreaming of Jeannie

Barbara Eden 2013 Photo:
As many men my age, one of their first crushes was one in the form of a little blond woman who lived in a bottle. Barbara Eden was the Jeannie that we all dreamed about from 1965-1970.

Still striking, but now age 78, Barbara rocked the casbah last weekend when she wore her original harem costume from “I Dream of Jeannie” at the 2013 Life Ball in Vienna. The theme was “1001 Nights” and Barbara appeared on stage in costume where she danced, blinked and charmed once again. How many grandmothers do you know look THAT good?

Fans of the series will note the difference in the two pictures. During the run of the TV show, NBC censors would not allow Eden to expose her belly button.

Barbara Eden 1960's

Since 1993, the Life Ball has been biggest charity event in Europe that supports people with HIV or AIDS. It is planned by a nonprofit organization called AIDS LIFE. The event is larger than life and goes to great lengths to publish stories like this raise awareness that AIDS has not gone away. 

You can read more about Eden by going to her website.

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