Carman's Cancer Serves as Inspiration

Photo still taken from Carman's Kickstarter Video.

On February 13 of this year, Contemporary Christian singer, Carman Licciardello, posted on his Facebook page that he had been diagnosed with terminal, multiple myeloma cancer. It is a cancer of the blood that affects the body’s bone marrow. He was given a three to five year life expectancy by doctors.  Even with the bad news, he still had a tone of humor in his post:“Tomorrow I go in for my first bone biopsy and the process will start. I used to go to movies in the afternoon, now I go see doctors.”

Although very sad news him, Carman’s fans chose to rally around the singer which in turn lifted his spirits. In fact, a recent press release states that Carman’s “death sentence” has become a source of “renewed vision and hope for the future.” Not only will he not go down without a fight, but a fan-funded new album and music video has been planned through Kickstarter.
Launched only weeks ago, Carman’s Kickstarter campaign has become the most successful Christian music campaign for Kickstarter to date. The campaign began on April 19 and by May 13, Carman posted another update on Facebook - the goal of $200,000 had been raised. “Reaching a goal of $200,000 on Kickstarter is historic. The most any Christian artist raised was 105,000. That 200 K covers the whole recording process, producers, publicists, musicians, promotion budget, travel, distribution, photo shoot and personel. It's a very expensive task. But we did this 33 days early, lol.” As of today, that total has grown to over $235,000 with over 2,550 backers.

In addition to the new music, Carman is determined to not let cancer detract from doing what he does best; sharing the hope of the gospel to live audiences.  Touring from coast-to-coast, Carman continues to share his hit songs alongside his most recent offering, “The Flag,” a compelling anthem that weaves the Pledge of Allegiance into a melodic and inspirational message of pride in America. You can view the video for “The Flag” above. 
So, keep praying, because God isn’t finished with him yet! 

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