Amy Grant is Back in the Spotlight


If you are like me, you remember doing the dishes while listening to your mother’s Christian radio station and her boring music. Suddenly, a fresh sound came over the airwaves and you heard “Old Man’s Rubble” for the first time. It was 1977 and the artist was a new kid named Amy Grant. She was a mere teenager just starting to make a splash in the Christian music world. Even my church that I grew up in took notice and began singing one song from the album, “The Lord Has a Will,” among the usual hymns.

Though she may not want to admit it, but Grant was really one of the early pioneers of Contemporary Christian music. Christian music just wasn’t very contemporary before the ‘70s. Grant was also a trailblazer in other ways too. She rose a stir when she became one of the first CCM artists to cross over into the mainstream of pop music and had the audacity to wear a leopard-skinned jacket on the album cover of “Unguarded.” Years later, she outraged others for appearing in the “Baby, Baby” music video with a man who was not her husband! Not only has Grant come far, bus so has her Christian audience.

Amy's Grant's first album, self-titled, 1977.

Since that first record, Grant has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, won 6 Grammys and 26 Dove Awards. While she hasn’t been in the spotlight nearly as much in the last few years, you’ll be hearing more of her in the coming weeks.

It has just been announced Grant’s first album in over 10 years, “How Mercy Looks From Here” will arrive on store shelves on Tuesday, May 14. The first single, “Don’t Try So Hard,” is actually available now on i-Tunes. (You can hear a preview of the song by clicking here.) Additional news is starting to spread about an upcoming concert as well!

Amy Grant's New Album, 2013
“How Mercy Looks from Here” promises to be an exciting release as the star pairs up with many  singers not usually associated with Contemporary Christian Music. The first single, “Don’t Try So Hard” features James Taylor. It is a mellow song that will relax the most tensed up person reminding them that they don’t have to work for God’s love. Taylor’s part is fairly subtle but helps even out the song. In addition to a half dozen songs that she sings by herself, Grant is joined by her husband, Vince Gill, Eric Paslay, Sheryl Crow, Will Hoge and Carole King.

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