It Takes a Village...

Brad Russell of

“It takes a village…” so the saying goes and it is more important than a trite saying. People can live by themselves, but their lives can be more fruitful when they band together with others of similar beliefs. You can live as a hermit or you can engage with the community around you. When Christians bind together they are stronger as a whole then they are separately.

Sometimes, Christians choose to isolate themselves within a church community. Reading only Christian books, listening only to Christian music, watching only Christian movies…you get it. Truth is, we Christians are not meant to live life alone and the Christian community was never meant to live life away from the rest of the world.

So where do you find a balance? Have you visited FaithVillage yet? is virtual town built by very real people. One of those people is Brad Russell who recently spoke to Frank Viola for his blog, “Beyond Evangelical.” 

Having launched in February of 2012, FaithVillage boasts of a registered community of 3,500 members and an unregistered community of about 35,000 monthly users. “At its core, we think of FaithVillage as a social network for faith experiences,” says Russell. “Our vision is to gather an online community of thought-shapers, artists, church leaders and cause advocates who want to share their gifts for the inspiration of others.”

Today, we have many websites and social networks for Christians to connect with. However, just as there are no perfect churches, there are also no perfect Christian websites either. Do you ever read the comments sections under news articles? Rarely do people, including Christians, post positive comments. Many people feel that all Christians should feel the same way they do and get frustrated when they don’t.

“One of the recurring concerns we hear from Christian bloggers and others active in social media is how frustrating and disconcerting all the uncivil behavior can get, says Russell. “Haters and trolls abound on Facebook and most online media platforms. Because we so deeply value both community and civility, we are committed to moderating interactions and empowering all of our users to help us keep the conduct respectful and Christ-like.”

I tried to explain just what Faith Village is in an article I wrote last year, but the best explanation comes from the man himself. Viola asks the right questions and Russell gives the best answers. Read the entire interview here. To visit the Village and check out the lofts, click here.

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