Trouble at the Oscars

A scene from "Paperman." (Disney)

So, what was the oddest thing that happened last night during the Oscar award show? The fact that it was hosted by Seth McFarlane? Hardly. The fact that he sang the song, “We Saw Your Boobs?” Close, but not quite. Nope, according to the Huffington Post, the oddest event that happened was what we didn’t see. Kristina Reed was acting out.

Who is Kristina Reed? She is a Disney producer who was responsible for this year’s award winning animated short film, “Paperman,” along with filmmaker John Kahrs, an honor well-deserved. The short was shown earlier this year before showings of “Wreck-It Ralph” which told the tale of a man, a woman and a paper airplane. While cute in the film, theater security didn’t find it too cute when Reed began throwing them from the balcony after she gave her acceptance speech. She was quickly ushered out.

Fortunately, the Reed’s punishment lasted only about ten minutes before the security allowed her back to her seat with a stern warning.

“Paperman” is unique as it is a mostly black and white cartoon with splashes of red and has no spoken lines. A touching yet simple animated story created by Disney Animation Studios. Disney should also be proud that three of the five animated movies up for an Oscar were theirs (“Wreck-It Ralph,” “Frankenweenie” and the Disney/Pixar “Brave”). In the end, “Brave” was the champion. Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman went up to receive the award. Unlike Reed however, they didn’t throw arrows out into the audience afterward.

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