The Animated Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller played herself in an episode of "The Scooby
Doo Movies" in the '70s.

America lost one of its greatest comediennes on Monday of this week. Phyllis Diller died in her home on August 20. She was 95.

Known mostly for her portrayal of a haired housewife who was married to an imaginary husband, Fang, Diller made fun of herself with self-deprecating jokes about her appearance, age and cooking. She appeared on numerous Bob Hope TV specials and Dean Martin celebrity roasts. What many do not know about the wild-haired beauty is that did many voice appearances for animated movies and TV shows. Many of the characters she played in the cartoons had similar qualities of her outside appearance. Sometimes she even played herself.

Perhaps Diller’s most famous voice work was for the role of the Ant Queen in Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life.” The most obscure? Playing the mother of a character called "Red Guy" in an episode of Cartoon Network’s “Cow and Chicken.”  Just like her true nature, you never knew just when and where Diller would show up.

Here is a collection of the star’s highlights (and lowlights) in animation form:

1967 - "Mad Monster Party" – The Monster’s Mate (Rankin/Bass)
Baron von Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) decides to retire, and announce his decision at a convention of monsters that includes his creature and the creature's more intelligent mate voiced by Diller.

1970 – "The Mad, Mad, Mad Comedians" - Herself (Rankin/Bass)
A little known animated special that aired before the airing of that year's Oscars. It was a tribute to early vaudeville, and featured animated reworkings of various famous comedians' acts.

1972 – "The New Scooby Doo Movies" - Herself 
(Hanna Barbera)
In "A Good Medium is Rare," Scooby and his friends travel to a magic mansion where there is a hoax set up in order to trick Diller into revealing the location of her treasure.

1987 – "Through the Looking Glass" - White Queen (Purple Cow Productions/Hi-tops)
An Australian-Italian animated film that was only slightly loyal to the novel by Lewis Carroll. Diller voiced the role of the White Queen.

1990 – "The Nutcracker Prince" – Mouse Queen (Lacewood Productions)
An animated tale of the famous Nutcracker story with Diller playing the mouse queen, a role not found in the original story.

1991 - "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" -  
Jane Goodair (DIC Entertainment)
Greedly, a villain hijacks Jane Goodair's (Diller) environmentally friendly automobile factory in order to manufacture his Road Hog, a smog-spewing nightmare.

1993 – "Happily Ever After" – Mother Nature 
A cheap imitation sequel based on Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” In this story, Snow White meets Mother Nature voiced by Diller.

1998 – "A Bug’s Life" – Queen 
(Disney Pixar)
Flik is an inventor in a colony of ants that is led by Princess Atta (left) and her mother, the Queen (Diller).

1999 – "The Nuttiest Nutcracker" – Sugar Plum Fairy (Columbia Pictures)
A direct-to-video Christmas film loosely based on the classic tale “The Nutcracker,” where Diller voiced the role of a sugar plum fairy.

1999 – "Hey Arnold" – Mitzi 
"Hey Arnold" was a show about nine-year-old Arnold and his neighborhood friends. Diller voiced the role of Arnold's great aunt.

1999-Present – "Family Guy" – Thelma Griffin 
(20th Television)
The series centers on the Griffins, a dysfunctional family consisting of parents Peter and his family. Thelma Griffin (Diller) is Peter’s mother.

1999 – "King of the Hill" – Lillian 
(20th Television)
Hank reluctantly drives his mother and her friends to shop for glass miniatures, but get trapped on an island by college-age spring break revelers. Diller played Lillian, one of the friends.

1999 – "The Wild Thornberry’s" 
Diller plays one of two surviving tortoises are the last chance before the extinction of a species.

2002-2006 - "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron" - 
Granny Newtron – (Nickelodeon)
Granny Neutron is Jimmy's grandmother. She sometimes tells stories they can be a bit gross or long.

2004 – "Powerpuff Girls" – Mask Scara 
(Cartoon Network Studios)
Diller played the villain Mask Scara, a former fashion mogul whose cosmetics empire went bankrupt.

2005 – "Robot Chicken" – Spray N’ Play 
(Shadow Machine Films)
Robot Chicken was an American stop-motion animated comedy television series created and executive produced by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. Diller appeared as a yard toy of all things.

2006 – "Casper’s Scare School" – Aunt Spitzy 
(Classic Media)
Casper's Scare School was a computer animated TV film starring Casper the Friendly Ghost. Diller played Aunt Spitzy.


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