Hillsong and the Confessions of a Reluctant Worshiper

Cover of Hillsong Live's "Cornerstone." Hillsong
I love Jesus Christ and I love to worship Him…in church. When I am on my own driving around doing errands, I enjoy music that is faster, more creative and easier to tap my foot to. However, lately I have found myself reaching for worship music, namely, Hillsong Live’s “Cornerstone” released earlier this summer.

If you are like me, you don’t want “church music” when you’re driving around. But the next time you’re stuck in rush hour traffic and your patience is wearing thin, give it try. Chances are you’ll experience a much greater sense of peace and it might even change your life.

Hillsong Music is produced by Hillsong Church located in Sydney, Australia. They have been producing live CDs since 1992 and are extremely popular. In fact, your church probably already sings many of the songs featured on their previous albums. It is amazing to think how powerful the influence of one church can make in our world.

As their website sates, “’Cornerstone’, the latest album offering from Hillsong LIVE, offers fresh, new songs to congregations worldwide, with a simple desire to place emphasis on Jesus and a prayer that people everywhere - regardless of circumstance - will be encouraged to find hope in Christ, the Cornerstone.”

Unlike some worship music where the lyrics are either too simple or confusing, “Cornerstone” is particularly deep and yet not vague. This album provides a variety of music styles and colorful descriptions about our human condition and our need for a Savior every day. From the very first line in the song, “Endless Light,” truth is told:
From the highest throne,
To the earth below,You laid down your lifeFor the likes of usGreat is the love of the Savior
 Each Hillsong album features the very best singers and musicians and “Cornerstone” is no different. It features a variety of musicians playing drums, percussion, bass, keys, pump organ, accordion, glockenspiel, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, banjo, French horn, trombone, violin and cello! The album also features many worship leaders and music written by many different musicians. This is a team project; another refreshing thing in a world of celebrities.

The song “Cornerstone” takes verses from the traditional hymn, “The Solid Rock” and gives it a whole new sound and for some, a whole new meaning.

Some songs on the album don’t even sound like traditional praise music. “Children of the Light” is very catchy with its electric guitars, keys and drums. The words are also empowering:
Set alight to followIn the shadow of Your nameThe world is yours and I knowEverything will find its placeUnder Your name
 The bottom line, “Cornerstone” will help even the most reluctant listener to focus on what is truly important. Something we all could more of. To listen to sample songs from the album, click here.

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