Snow White and the Huntsman is Very Dark

Snow White (Kristen Stewart), Ravenna, the evil queen
(Charlize Theron) and the Huntsman (Chis Hemsworth)

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Universal Pictures

The posters say “From the Producer of Alice in Wonderland,” but “Snow White and the Huntsman” and even the art has the look of “Alice.” But this film is no “Alice.” It is however, pretty to look at. Charlize Theron is very pretty and her costumes are mesmerizing. The special effects are pretty spectacular too, but that’s about all this movie has going for it. Actually, the first half is pretty good, but goes downhill about halfway through.

The classic Snow White tale is hardly complicated, but Rupert Sanders, the director and his team of writers find a way to muck it up and stretch the simple story into a very long production. In this version, Ravenna (Theron) tricks her way into the king’s heart and castle. He is killed and Snow is thrown into the dungeon. Ravenna is beautiful and powerful, but she is under a curse or spell that will make her lose her power if she ages. She remedies this quickly by literally sucking the life out of others in her kingdom.

At age 18, Snow (a pouty Kristen Stewart) breaks out of prison and runs into the spookiest woods you’ve ever seen. Ravenna orders a huntsman (a pouty Chris Hemsworth) to find Snow White, kill her and bring back her heart. Of course, he cannot do this and lets Snow live, but the two have to battle the evil forest complete with a troll before they can sneak up on the queen.
Then comes the second boring half of the movie. Hemsworth trades in his Avenger's hammer for an axe. Stewart spends time looking blankly. They find an enchanted or "happy" forests with fairies and dwarfs. Together, they have zero chemistry and don’t even appear to like each other.
The story drags it's way to the end where good triumphs over evil, but nobody appears to be very happy about it.
This Snow White film is too serious for its own good. It is very dark, features a few disturbing images and has very little humor except for the unintended kind. It is definitely not for children. Do yourself a favor and skip this, and go and see if you can track down the better movie, “Mirror Mirror” with Julia Roberts.

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