TobyMac Sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sherri Shepherd Live on ABC’s ‘The View’

Today, Friday, April 20 is Sherri Shepherd’s birthday. So, what did the booted “Dancing with the Stars” contestant and co-host of ABC’s “The View” want for her birthday? A performance from TobyMac of course. During the opening introductions, the announcer said that the Grammy award-winning contemporary Christian artist was there to “rock the hell out of the place.”

TobyMac and his full band treated the audience to a live performance of his hit, “Get Back Up.” After the song and a short “happy birthday” song, fellow co-host and outspoken Christian, Elisabeth Hasslebeck joined Shepherd on stage to ask a couple questions of the singer. “You have won over five Grammy awards and you say that there is power in music,” asked Shepherd. “What sets you apart from all the other artists out there, tell me.”

Toby responded with “I can’t speak for all the other artists but I know for us, we try to write songs about things that we are going through like life – the ups and downs of it, the times we fall short of it, the times we overcome and try to pursue passionately a faith in God in this crazy world.”

Afterward, everyone in the le audience was given a copy of TobyMac’s “Tonight” CD, was treated with cupcakes and said happy birthday to Jeffrey, Shepherd’s son who just turned seven. No word on how many years Shepherd was celebrating.

If you missed the performance, click here to watch.

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