GMC’s First Feature-Length Comedy: Brother White

Copyright: Pure Flix Entertainment/GMC

This Sunday, March 11, the GMC network will be present “Brother White,” an original GMC World Premiere Movie. This will be the network’s first original feature-length comedy and hopefully, not its last.

I got a chance to preview the movie this week and I have to say, that I liked what I saw. “Brother White” is a fish out of water story about a “white” pastor who moves his family from southern California to a “black” church in Atlanta, Georgia.

David A. R. White (TV’s “Evening Shade” and the recent “Me Again” release) stars as James White who is only one of dozens of associate pastors longing to make the stage at a mega church located in Beverly Hills. He serves under television evangelist Johnny Kingman (Ray Wise of “Twin Peaks”) and is forever disappointing him. After a mishap on stage, James is sent packing and accepts a position as head pastor at a very small, very “black” church. His family, (real life wife, Logan White, Anna Margaret and Gibson Sjobeck) are not happy with the move and the congregation of Divine Faith Apostolic Church isn’t either.

Pastor White is aided by Deacon Hill (Reginald VelJohnson, “Family Matters”), Veena Johnson the choir director (Jackee from TV’s “227”) and tasked with saving the church as well as the neighbors surrounding it. Grammy Award-winner Bebe Winans makes a special appearance as well.

“Brother White” is a smart, non-preachy, Christian comedy. The beginning is a little over-the-top poking fun at TV preachers and rich Christians, but becomes more heart-warming and realistic as it moves on. David White may be the star, but Jackee steals the show. Nobody can roll their eyes quite like her. There is a great scene where Lily, the pastor’s wife, is helping the “quiet as a mouse” church secretary discover her inner beauty and her loud voice. There are themes of redemption and forgiveness with just a hint of cheesiness, but it is a comedy after all.

“Brother White” is produced by Pure Flix Entertainment and is one of their best movies so far. It will be presented on Sunday, March 11 at 7 p.m., 9 p.m., Monday, March 2 at 9 p.m., and Friday, March 16 at 9 and  p.m. on the GMC network. (All times are Eastern)

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