The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Specials

Christmas TV specials, limited series and movies are bigger than ever these days from now until the New Year, you’ll be able to find some festive yule-tide programming every night of the week. From the traditional viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life, the different versions of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, to baking shows and live music specials, we’ve got them all listed on the new Christmas TV Specials page. (Since not all of the networks list their specials early, this list will be updated throughout the coming weeks, so check back often for new additions!)

Harry Potter is All Grown Up in The Woman In Black

“During afternoon tea, there’s a shift in the air.A bone-trembling chill that tells you she’s there.There are those who believe the whole town is cursed.But the house in the marsh is by far the worst.What she wants is unknown, but she always comes back.The specter of darkness, the Woman in Black.”

The above poem is spoken in the movie’s trailer, but not in the movie, “The Woman in Black” itself. It pretty much sums up this creepy, but well-made movie. It’s a horror film without any gore. There is little if any harsh language and definitely no sex. Bloodthirsty audiences, who have grown accustomed to slasher fare, will no doubt be disappointed.

“The Woman in Black” is an old fashioned ghost story. Much like one would tell around a campfire. The 95-minute movie is pretty much a puzzle to figure out for the first two thirds of the movie. There is very little special effects or music. Many scenes are incredibly quiet where all you can hear is the wooden floor creaking under the protagonist’s feet.

For those wondering if Daniel Radcliffe is successfully able to shed his Harry Potter persona and play an adult – in deed he does. He plays Arthur Kipps, a widowed lawyer, still grieving for this wife that died during childbirth four years earlier, who travels to a remote village to finish up the affairs of deceased elderly woman. The woman lived in an enormous house that can only be accessed during the day as the tide covers the roadway during the night. The house holds a secret and the townspeople aren’t talking except for a friendly gentleman named Daily (Ciaran Hinds) who doesn’t believe in superstitions. However, during his visits to the house, Arthur begins to see and hear strange things and becomes convinced that the house is haunted.

As a Christian, I can see nothing redeeming in this movie except for art itself. The acting, sound quality and story is top notch. The photography is beautiful and creepy at the same time. But by the time the movie ends with its unsatisfying ending, one is left feeling empty inside. At least with a good vs evil storyline, you can rejoice when the good wins. In this case, neither side seems to win. Still, it is a good story and if you can see it for just that, you will enjoy this flick. If you faint at the sound of sudden noises or are prone to nightmares, this isn’t for you.

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