Playboy Club Shuttered on NBC

According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC has cancelled the controversial The Playboy Club from its line up on Monday nights. In the October 4 online edition of Inside TV, columnist James Hibberd reported that the move was not a surprise to those in the industry and was expected months before the showed even premiered.

With the success of AMC’s Mad Men, networks have been scrambling to find their own retro-vibe show. ABC went with Pan Am about airline stewardesses while NBC went a different direction with the bunnies. While Pan Am started out strong with 10.5 million viewers with its premiere on September 25, Playboy’s premiere only snagged 5 million on September 20. The most recent episode brought in only 3.2 million.
Not surprisingly, The Playboy Club was already off limits in many households and it didn’t help that the Parents Television Council protested the show as well. One has to wonder what NBC was thinking. Despite the fact that the Playboy brand appears to be alive and well,who can imagine that women would want to watch a show that would denigrate and sexualize other women every week?
The show’s description on still states, “The Playboy Club is a provocative new NBC drama about a time and place that challenged the existing social mores and transformed American culture forever.It's the early 1960s, and at the center of Chicago lies the legendary and seductive Playboy Club, a living, breathing fantasy world filled with $1.50 cocktails, music, glitter and of course, beautiful Bunnies.”
There are no plans to run off the remaining episodes of the show.

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