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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why Remake ‘Left Behind’?

Story about "Left Behind."
Nicky Whelan and Nicolas Cage star in "Left Behind.
(Stoney Lake Entertainment)
In 1994, Paul LaLonde served as executive producer of Left Behind, which was intended to be used as a documentary to those people “left behind” after the biblical rapture. Included in the cast was Hal Lindsey who was there to explain what had happened. In 2000, LaLonde helped produce the original Left Behind movie that starred Kirk Cameron. Now in 2014, he is producing yet another version of the movie, this time starring Nicolas Cage. In-between these dates, LaLonde has produced over eight other end-of-the-world features. The end times are a big deal to this guy, but why make the remake?

The original Left Behind, and its sequels, had a very limited budget and were sent straight to DVD. “The first book in the Left Behind series is really quite an enormous book and we tried to do the whole book in one movie. And it really didn’t do justice to, especially to the rapture but also to the whole book because there was no time to get to know the characters. And there was no time to really appreciate the enormity of the event,” says LaLonde during a recent press conference. “Basically the [new] movie is based on, you know, 25 pages of the first book, so it’s really a remake of about three minutes of the first movie.”

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scaring the Hell Out of People: Rapture Movies

Nicolas Cage to star in the reboot of "Left Behind."
Nicolas Cage to star in the reboot of
"Left Behind." Photo: Cloud 10 Pictures


There is a little-known short film that is considered by some to be a piece of Christian propaganda. The 1941 short film, “The Rapture,” was produced by Charles Octavia Baptista and was part of the “Story of a Fountain Pen” series. Presented much like an old newsreel with the excitement of a classroom discussion on hygiene, “The Rapture” features a dry narrator telling about the horrors yet to come to those who do not take the rapture train as well as how to remedy the situation. So begins the movie industry’s quest to save the lost by scaring people to death. 

Fast forward to last September when Riverain Productions released “Final: The Rapture.”  Self-described as, “Breathtaking, gripping, layered, and astonishing,” the concept sounded intriguing. The film spins four tales woven together by a common theme: the rapture. The advertising made some bold claims: “Final: the Rapture” will captivate you from the very first minute to the stunning, tear-jerking end.” Director Tim Chey told the Christian Post that the film would be the “scariest Christian movie of the decade.” And the purpose of this film? "I made this film to scare the living daylights out of adult non-believers."  

Monday, September 16, 2013

5 Faith-Based Movies Worth Seeing


There seems to be two camps in the Christian world: those who support faith-based films at any cost and those who avoid them like a plague. Most people agree that makers of faith-based films have good intentions, but until recent years, the average film’s end product wasn’t worth seeing. Some will argue that any faith-based movie should be supported by Christians regardless of the quality of the film. Some films hope to “get by” by having a “good message” but may feature a terrible story and bad acting. If one cringes while watching such a movie, is it still worth seeing? For that matter, will the film have any impact on the world at large? Probably not. However, here are five faith-based movies that you may not have seen but should and why:     Read more>