MOVIES: What We're Watching

1. Thor: Ragnarok
2. Daddy's Home 2
3. Murder on the Orient Express
4. A Bad Mom's Christmas
5. Jigsaw
6. Tyler Perry's Boo2! A Madea Halloween
7. Geostorm
8. Blade Runner 2049
9. Happy Death Day
10. Lady Bird
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In Geostorm, a series of natural disaster begin to take place all over the planet (not unlike recent real-life events) but with a twist. People are literally freezing in dessert or melting in the arctic (very unlike recent real-life events). This has many of the world leaders concerned because just a few years earlier, satellites were sent into orbit to help control climate change and keep the world safe with the Dutch Boy program named after the tale of the little Dutch boy who saved his village from a flood. As it turns out, the machinery that was meant to save us is now trying to kill us. Oh, technology. To make matters worse, it appears that some people who know the secret of the strange events are being silenced. Read more>>>

Murder on the Orient Express
There is much to love in this new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. The scenery is beautiful, the camera-work is clever and the suspects are divine. The story follows Christie’s mustached detective, Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh), in what could be the start of a new franchise. In this adventure, Poirot gets caught up in a murder investigation while traveling aboard a very fancy European train in the middle of winter. Read More >>>

Goodbye Christopher Robin
The trailers Goodbye Christopher Robin are a bit misleading presenting what looks to be happy history of the family behind the Winnie-the-Pooh books. Instead, the film is a lot more melancholy. Families might also think that this is a family film and while it is only rated PG, the storyline will probably make the younger set uncomfortable at best and bored at the worst. However, if you are a fan of the works of A.A. Milne, then you will probably find this Pooh story to be fascinating, if not as heartwarming as you would expect. Read More>>>

Thor: Ragnarok
Considering all of Marvel Comics franchises, Thor and The Hulk are my two least favorite movies. The studio has yet to make an enjoyable Hulk standalone film (and probably won’t at this point) and the first two Thor movies were convoluted, overly serious and confusing. With that said, I love how Marvel has allowed Chris Hemsworth’s natural comic timing to take root in the past Avengers films and Mark Ruffalo is the best Bruce Banner. Even so, my movie screening partner told me as we were walking in that this was one of those movies that he would usually wait for it to come on DVD rather than see it on the big screen. However, we were wrong. Read More>>>

Only the Brave
Though beautifully shot, Only the Brave is a frustrating movie and proves that it can’t get by on looks alone. It begins with a rocky start of bad lines and finishes on a sour note. Though the trailers promise an exciting adventure about a forest fire, the movie is more of a drama with a fire in the backdrop. This in itself isn’t a bad idea, but as a tribute all of the men, the script chooses to only focus on two characters: Fire supervisor Eric Marsh and rookie firefighter, Brendan McDonough. The rest of the guys are given about two lines of dialogue each and often it’s in the form of locker room talk rather than the matter at hand. Read More>>>

Produced and directed Jeremy Kagan from a script written by William Lamborn and Anneke Campbell, Shot has been a labor of love for many involved in the project including star Noah Wyle, who also served as an executive producer of the film. He must have learned a few things during his days on NBC’s E.R., because his performance is something else. Though uneven, the film is very engrossing when it isn’t preaching about gun control. The premise and some of the techniques in the film are clever and the story grabs you right from the beginning, but after the first two-thirds, the story begins to stumble. Read More >>>

Wonder Woman
Before this movie, my only real connection to Wonder Woman was from watching SuperFriends on Saturday mornings and the occasional viewing of the Lynda Carter show. I never read the comic books. According to the movie, Wonder Woman was born Diana the princess of the Amazons. Legend has it that Zeus first created man in his own image but men being men, they couldn’t help but kill each other, so Zeus then created woman and that created peace and harmony for a while. But then the Greek God Ares (God of War) became jealous of mankind and destroyed all then men. Zeus then hid the woman on a remote island of Themyscira and leaves behind the "God-killer" sword should Ares ever come back. Read More >>>

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