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'Hollywood is Not the Gates of Hell' Says 'God's Not Dead's Shane Harper
I had to wait a few minutes before my phone call interview with actor Shane Harper to begin. The actor who appears in God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness explained to me that he had a Skype interview earlier in the day that went longer than it should have as the interviewer started requesting personal shout-outs and “happy birthday” messages to their friends. I get that. I’ve seen Harper give interviews to young female reporters who could hardly contain themselves when talking to the guy reliving their earlier crushes.

At age 25, Harper has been acting, dancing and singing since he was nine-years-old. He has played a variety of roles over the years including Awkward and Happyland, but he is probably most remembered for playing the role of Spencer Walsh on Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie for four seasons. However, some people are only aware of his connection to faith-based movies. He tells me that it’s not uncommon for interviewers to think that 2014’s God’s Not Dead was his first movie, ever and have asked how he got into the entertainment industry. (I wanted to tell him that the Disney show was probably after their time.) So as it stands, Shane has two types of fan bases; those who only know him from the faith-based movie world and those who grew up watching him on TV. The latter are the ones asking for special favors. Read More>>>

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