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Director of Liev Schreiber’s ‘Chuck’ Really Wanted to be an Archaeologist
Philippe Falardeau, known for directing Reese Witherspoon’s movie, The Good Lie, is French Canadian, so it might seem strange that he was chosen to direct a movie about former American boxer Chuck Wepner from New Jersey. Then again, given his love for archaeology, its a wonder he’s directing movies at all. Earlier this week I had the privilege of interviewing this humble director and chatted about his early days of filmmaking, and how he wound up in the director’s chair for the upcoming movie, Chuck coming to theaters on May 12.

First of all, a little bit about the movie. In 1975, Chuck Wepner took on world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali and lasted almost 15 rounds with the champ. According to Wepner, it was that fight that was the inspiration for Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky. Unfortunately, it was also the incident that helped to fuel Chuck’s false sense of fame that almost destroyed his life. He was able to find redemption before it got too late. Like myself, Falardeau wasn’t aware of Wepner’s story before reading the script that was sent to him by his agent. READ MORE>>>

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