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'Life, Animated' - An Interview With Ron Suskind and Roger Ross Williams
I found Roger patiently waiting for me and he greeted me with a nice smile. I quickly took off my Transistions-lensed glasses, that were still in sunglasses mode, so that I could see him. Ron came in soon after, though his phone kept buzzing throughout the interview. He’s a busy man.

Roger is the director of the documentary, Life, Animated which focuses on Ron’s family, primarily his son Owen who has autism. The two came to Seattle as part of the Seattle International Film Festival for promotion of the film that shares how Disney animated films helped Owen to communicate with his family. You can read my review here, but in a nutshell, Owen was born normal and healthy, but at age three, he became silent, Communication with Owen had become almost impossible. Years later, the family discovered that the “gibberish” that Owen was speaking to them was actually dialogue from a Disney film. The film is insightful, heartwarming and at times, heartbreaking too.

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