TV: What We're Watching

The Amazing Race
Thursday, March 30 - 10:00 p.m. - CBS

This season of The Amazing Race might be the best yet. Yes, the teams are comprised of pairs of people, but this time, none of the contestants actually know each others. The show starts with various contestants picking their teammates by first impressions only.

52nd Academy of Country Music Awards
Sunday, April 2 - 8:00 p.m. - CBS

The 52nd Academy of Country Music Awards honors and showcases various talents in country music. This year's presentation will be broadcast live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas with Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley performing the hosting duties.

Imaginary Mary
I really like Jenna Elfman and I really like her former sitcom, Dharma and Greg. If have haven’t seen the show, the premise was that Dharma met Greg one night, talked and talked all night long and ended up throwing caution to the wind getting married right on the spot. The next day they realized just how different they were from each other. Dharma was a free spirit while Greg was a hard-nosed lawyer, but what made the show work was their determination to make their marriage work regardless the circumstances. While not every situation was one that I could agree with, I really enjoyed the fact that divorce wasn’t an option. Unfortunately, Elfman has never really found a new project in either film or TV that has been as successful as Dharma and Greg and sadly, you can add Imaginary Mary to that list as well. READ MORE>>>

Trial and Error
Trial & Error maybe the perfect name for NBC’s new comedy as it appears that the show was created just that way. While mostly funny and features a terrific cast, some jokes fall flat (I swear you can hear crickets) and some are incredibly distasteful. Still, the show does bring some new to the table and among the show’s silliness, there is some heart to it as well. Trial & Error appears to be trying to be the next Parks and Recreation or The Office as it too is set up like a documentary. This time it is for a true-crime show. Emmy award-winner, John Lithgow stars as the show’s suspect, Larry Henderson...READ MORE>>>

NBC’s new show, Taken, is the latest in TV’s attempt of creating lightning twice by creating a show based on a hit movie franchise. Sometimes it works as in the case of M*A*S*H and even FOX’s current Lethal Weapon which just got a second season renewal. But in both of those cases, the shows were strongly based on the original material using what worked best; the characters. Taken goes a whole different route. READ MORE>>>

DC Comics has been taking a beating lately. While the company has been making money with it movies by Warner Bros., one of the biggest complaints is that the films are overly serious and squeeze all the fun out of them. That’s not a problem with NBC’s Powerless which doesn’t take itself seriously at all. Powerless is the “lighter side of DC” that actually works within the comic book universe and yet be its own thing. The worst thing about the show is its title which doesn’t really mean much. READ MORE>>>