TV: What We're Watching

TOP 10 TV SHOWS FOR THE WEEK OF April 9-15, 2018:
1. Roseanne  / ABC / 13,770,000 viewers
2. The Big Bang Theory / CBS / 12,775,000 viewers
3. ACM Awards / CBS / 12,061,000 viewers
4. Young Sheldon / CBS/ 11,702,000 viewers
5. 60 Minutes / CBS / 10,573,000 viewers
6. James Comey Interview / ABC / 9,869,000 viewers
7. The Voice (Mon.) / NBC / 9,859,000 viewers
8. Mom / CBS / 8,939,000 viewers
9. Blue Bloods / CBS / 8,244,000 viewers
10. Survivor / CBS / 7,975,000 viewers
(From Zap 2 It)

The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special - April 23 - CBS - 10:00 p.m.
James Corden's staple for The Late Late Show is so popular, it gets its own special. In fact, this next one will be the third "Carpool Karoke" special. This year's features an all-new "Carpool Karoke," "Crosswalk the Musical" and favorite moments from the show from the previous year.

When ABC began airing commercials for its new show, Deception, I thought that the studio was going for a reboot of Castle, the long-running and popular action/adventure/comedy show that featured a wise-cracking male mystery novel author and a super-serious female homicidal detective. While the new show does have a few similiarities, it is definitely its own show – and a better one at that. Read More>>>

Rise is a new musical drama from Jason Katims (the executive producer and showrunner of Friday Night Lights and Parenthood) and Jeffrey Seller (producer of the Broadway musical Hamilton) which is pretty impressive. We could use another wholesome TV series, but Rise isn't it. The show is said to be based on the book Drama High by Michael Sokolove which is about Lou Volpe, an English teacher from Harry S. Truman High School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In this show, the teacher’s name is Lou Mazzuchelli (Josh Radnor) and when he becomes burned out teaching English, he requests to become the school’s new drama teacher. Though he has near zero experience with theatre, the principle of the school gives in to his request rather easily. Read More>>>

You can have the best writing, but without the best talent to give life to the written word the show is going to fail. CBS’s latest crime/mystery series, Instinct is based on the novel of the same name from James Patterson, but perhaps more'Inst importantly, the duo that heads the series Instinct is especially good. Though it seems a bit of a stretch that Alan Cumming has been cast as the former CIA operative turned author and university professor, he has a wit and charm to pull it off. Read More>>>

Splitting Up Together
Despite the casting of Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson, Splitting Up Together is a terrible idea for new family sitcom. It shouldn’t work and I’m not entirely convinced that it does, but the pilot episode airing tonight isn’t as bad as I suspected. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not brilliant, but it does have some heart to it. ABC says that the show is based on a Danish series about a couple whose marriage is reignited by their divorce, so maybe their’s hope for these two crazy kids? Read More>>>