Monday, September 25, 2017

CBS' 'Me, Myself and I' is Clever and has a Lot of Heart

Review of "Me, Myself and I"
Jack Dylan Grazer, Bobby Moynihan and John Larroquette all playing the
role of Alex in Me, Myself and I (CBS)


One of this fall’s new shows that has received the least attention may be one of the best. The CBS sitcom, Me, Myself and I is most known for being a new vehicle for Saturday Night Live alum, Bobby Moynihan which probably conjures thoughts of pratfall and silly one-liners in your head. Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, even though Moynihan’s character is the main one of the show, Moynihan is actually only one third of the show’s story.

Me, Myself and I appears to have been inspired by NBC’s This is Us in that the show is all about Alex but told from three distinct times of his life. The first section shows Alex in 1991 as a 14-year-old (played by Jack Dylan Grazer), during present day at age 40 (Moynihan) and in 2042 as a 65-year-old (John Larroquette). The show gives the audience a unique view, much like God’s, that allows us to know that when the 14-year-old Alex is struggling, he’ll be okay by the time he’s 65.

Alex is an inventor and a huge Chicago Bulls fan. We quickly learn that when Alex was young, his mother met Ron the pilot (Brian Unger), fell in love and then moved the two of them to be with him in Los Angeles. Alex instantly gets a new brother, Justin (Christopher Paul Richards) too. Surprisingly, the two hit it off. During the current day section, we learn that Alex is newly separated from his wife and is a father of the young and cute, Abby (Skylar Gray). He is in a funk and relies heavily on his business partner, Darryl (Jaleel White) to help straighten him out. Finally, the last version of Alex is wanting to retire and spends time with his daughter who is now, all grown up (Kelen Coleman).

Unlike many other sitcoms, Me, Myself and I is very clever, reminiscent of The Wonder Years and has a great cast. There’s a distinct difference between it and other CBS comedies like Two Broke Girls and The Odd Couple. This one is fairly clean, isn’t snarky or crass (even with Larroquette) and surprisingly has a lot of heart. If the pilot is any indication, this is a family comedy that you can actaully enjoy with your older teens.

Me, Myself and I airs Monday nights at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

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