Saturday, July 1, 2017

This Day in Pop Culture for July 1

MPAA introduced the PG-13 rating on July 1984.

PG-13 Rating is Introduced

Since 1968, the Motion Picture Association of America's (MPAA) film-rating system has used in the United States to rate a film's suitability for certain audiences. The ratings were “G” (General Audiences), PG (Parent’s Guidance Suggested), R (Restricted to those under the age of 17) and X (X-rated). However, in the early 1980s, complaints began to come about regarding the violence and gore in films such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Directed by Steven Spielberg) and Gremlins (Executive Produced by Spielberg). Spielberg suggested a new intermediate rating between "PG" and "R" which became the "PG-13" rating on this day in 1984. The advisory given: "Parents Are Strongly Cautioned to Give Special Guidance for Attendance of Children under 13 – Some Material May Be Inappropriate for Young Children.” Red Dawn was the first movie released with this new rating.