Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Third Day Releases ‘Revival’

Third Day to release new "Revival" album
Third Day and band with Fame Studios owner Rick Hall (center) (Merge Media)


Today, Provident Label Group/Sony Music has announced Third Day’s next album, Revival, will be released on August 4, 2017 with the band’s first single, "Revival," being available now for download and streaming not to mention your local Christian music radio where the song has been climbing up the charts.

"You can't help but smile when you hear ‘Revival’. The joy from the performance is simply contagious and you can tell the guys had a blast creating this song!” says John Lawhon of WBRS/Baltimore. “I'm always looking for songs that rise above the noise and cut through. That could be in lyric/message, performance or in production. In the case of 'Revival' it hits all of them."

As is the new tradition it seems, the band is also offering a deluxe version of the album which includes five additional tracks.

While making Revival, Third Day returned to their deep musical roots by deciding to record at the legendary Fame Studios located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama where Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and others once recorded.

Third Day's "Revival"
"It’s one of those 'if these walls could talk' kind of things," drummer David Carr shares. "With all of the incredible hits, the sounds the melodies that have been created in [that] space, some of that you hope that it rubs off a little bit."

The fruition is the 13 songs found on Revival, a deeply Gospel-oriented album with "a blend of now, yesterday and today," Mac Powell shares. "It’s like an old-school Gospel record in that kind of way."
Partnering again with their long-time producer, mentor and friend Monroe Jones, Third Day also joined with members of their touring band in the studio. The entire recording process was a true collaboration, with no set agenda or charts and everyone just bringing in ideas. "We'd just get together and start playing, and it just worked," explains Mark Lee.

Carr continues, "It’s been a really fun experience to just explore these new spaces for us musically, sonically. You know you’re on to something when it just seems to catch fire on its own and become a thing that’s bigger than you."

"We started out in high school and we were these young kids excited about our faith and about using music to share our faith," Lee concludes. "Here we are all these years later and I still feel that, I still feel that He’s got something to say through us."

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